Grover's Mill, New Jersey:
Orson Welles and Mercury Theater On the Air  were ordered to take previously released Martian invasion reports and create a radio drama to play it off as a hoax!
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WotW cover-up predates Roswell conspiracy!

Are they living among us now?! The fake broadcast would have us believe they all died, but what aren't they telling us?

Roswell is the first known cover-up of alien activity in our nation, but was it the first? Nine years prior to the "weather balloon" crash in New Mexico, residents of Grover's Mill, NJ were experiencing severely close encounters!

The famed Orson Welles, known widely for his broadcast of the invasion of 1938, is suspected to have been ordered by U.S. Government to play out radio reporting as a radio drama. All the while Grover's Mill did in fact experience authentic alien invasion. Days earlier radio reporting on REAL invasion was aired live; Government, to avoid panic ordered Welles to create radio drama using reports and to periodically announce on the air that it was all just a farce. Threatened with imprisonment, Welles did just as he was told and the broadcast has since been known as the greatest hoax in history. However, we are going to expose it for what it is, another cover-up of alien visitation to Earth.

Welles Aids in Cover-Up Conspiracy

Click the link above to help Franky find his Uncle who was lost during the commotion at Grover's Mill. Look out for martians and bogfish, and be sure to avoid the toxic waters! Pick up any spare change you find lying around and be quick about it!

Click the above link for real accounts from some of Grover's Mill's finest residents. Eddie Kemp the local dairy farmer, Cora and her son, Oliver Sayler were all quite aware of the real situation that fateful night in 1938. The Government paid them to keep quiet. Read their stories!